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Met a venomous friend in Great Falls.

No, meet a non-venomous Northern Water Snake. ((Nerodia sipedon))

Thanks for not freaking out and teaching me that I tagged this snake wrong.





Met a venomous friend in Great Falls.

No, meet a non-venomous Northern Water Snake. ((Nerodia sipedon))

I honestly do not think you should be handling wild snakes when you can not tell the difference between venomous vs non venomous. You are going to end up being bitten one day. Educate yourself before you go out and do this. for the sake of your safety and the snake’s.

Now that’s what I call stupid. Reckless behavior going after “venomous” snakes with no protection, clearly with an audience since you’re looking in another direction and someone else took the picture, holding it up like you’re some cool guy who knows what he’s doing. Meet a “venomous” snake friend. Who are you trying to impress?

Nice work.

You’re as irresponsible as it gets, and people like you only add to the misconceptions and fears that people have for these HARMLESS, NONVENOMOUS snakes.

For the sake of the wildlife, stay the hell out of the woods and read a few books instead. It’s better for your safety and for the animal’s. God forbid you actually pick up a venomous snake one day and get your ass bitten.

Oh hey guys of the tumblr world. I’m grateful you guys have corrected my  incorrect tag on this post. I don’t know why but i was always led to believe that there were two venomous snakes here in the state of Maryland. One of them being the water moccasin (Agkistrodon piscivorusBut now i see here ( that it’s not the case.

I promise i did not go out intentionally looking for “venomous" as some of you have assumed, i simply was with a friend enjoying a nice hike when we saw it. I didn’t harm it and actually after about 5 minutes right before i let it go, the snake became relaxed. I really love interacting with animals, and i rarely ever encounter them in the suburbs and if i do i always admire from a distance but reptiles are pretty incredible. When i approached it i was only intending to observe it at a closer distance and let him continue his life in peace. No malicious thoughts or actions. 

Mr. reptillaherps, my bad if i have offended you a great deal enough for your long response. No my friend i did not have an audience with me, my eyes are looking at the snake while my one other friend snapped the photo. Neither was i on the hunt for venomous snakes, nor was i attempting to impress anyone. The only thing i wanted to do was observe it. Regardless of it being venomous or not it’s an animal that i value. That day i simply released him and continued the hike. Anyone of my friends would probably shit there pants but i see these animals as part of a whole. I didn’t mean to portray it as a venomous species…so i do apologize for that, i don’t want to add to the fear of these animals i actually seek to do the opposite by showing people that fear is all a game in your mind. That these animals should be valued for their ecosystem services and just because it scares people that they shouldn’t be ignored or killed. I’m on your side. 

I understand some of you reallllly dislike it when people go out into nature and capture any animal they encounter. So i guess Steve Irwin isn’t anyone you admire then. I’m not a snake expert or a reptile scientist but it all really begins with sparking that interest no? I enjoy interacting with animals, watching Steve as a child going out and basically cuddling with crocs and other animals that people for so long have had an incredible fear of sparked my interest to show people the same where i grew up. 

 i love how this all escalated so quickly, but instead of instinctively perceiving me like Mr. reptillherps, i ask you all next time just help me correct my mistakes. I got nothing but love for you all. 

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I’m THE ice cream man


Forever feeling this way.

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A smoothie deconstructed.

Oh hellllllll yes


photos by franz lanting in botswana’s okavango delta

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